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Smart Art

Art History Escape

Enjoy beautiful art and
learn something new every day

Smart Art helps everyone to brighten up the day and enjoy the unrivaled works of art, discover brilliant artists and learn more about their art and its history in a fun and interactive way.

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Key Features

Fun and Educational Art app

Smart Art
  • Daily Stories - Hundreds of original thematic history and artwork background stories that enlighten, entertain, and inspire. New one released every day!

  • Easy to navigate Collection - Over 70,000 classified paintings from Medieval Manuscripts to Abstract Expressionism.

  • Thematic Search - Browse artworks by filtering them by style, genre, artist, school, and other tags.

  • Zoom, Widget, Personal Collection of Favorites, and more!

  • All of that - Ad-FREE.


What's Inside

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So many thanks for all of the wonderful stories - which provide me with a fleeting escape and down time! 💜💙💚💛🧡

I learned something today, Thank you! 🙏 

I find this a really refreshing, relaxing and fascinating way to learn about new things!

I love, love, love Smart Art! I'm learning so much and happy I could join you all!

I personally love Medieval Mondays!

This has become my favorite app!

I really love your posts and the effort you put into the histories! ❤️

A very fun and unique app! 🌻

Thanks for the info on the painting timeline and not having to crawl through google space! 




Enjoy beautiful art and learn something new today!